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Meet Scott

Scott Martin is running for City Council to represent the everyday Taunton resident and business owners who will never get their voice heard if they are not reached out to. They are the people who quietly work hard and make our city strong. At the same time, they are concerned about our future, and they know solutions are best made when people are considered before partisan politics and insider priorities.

If elected, Scott will work to reinvigorate public service to serve the needs of the average citizen. He will reach out to people who care about our community but for many reasons do not make their voices heard. To make that happen, Scott will encourage new participants to get involved, empower them, and help our city move forward.

About Scott Martin

Taunton Commission for Individuals with Disabilities MemberTaunton Elks Club MemberFormer Taunton Girls Softball CoachFormer Taunton White Tigers Volunteer CoachTaunton Rod and Rifle Club MemberNational Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) RepresentativeMarried to wife Kimberly, fellow Letter Carrier

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